For over 40 years, 3C Store Fixtures has been dedicated to practicing transparency.  Two vital elements that enable us to deliver this promise to our clients are our method of Open Book Pricing and ISO Plant certification.  Our Open Book Pricing presents full disclosure of costs including materials, labor and margin.  The ISO Certification standard is a universal benchmark for quality management.  From start to finish, our processes are regulated in accordance with this certification.  Our commitment to maintaining this standard demonstrates our dedication to our clients and our confidence in our products.


Our Open Book Pricing policy is a commitment to transparency that we utilize to strengthen our relationships with our valued clients.  With open discussion about expectations and full disclosure of material and labor costs, we can negotiate a fair margin and price.  In our industry, we are the only manufacturer that provides this level of insight and partnership; giving us the ability to mutually manage project costs from day one with no assumptions.

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ISO 9001:2015Our adherence to international standards of quality management systems requires commitment and accountability from the initial review of contracts to the delivery of the completed project or service.

Learn more about ISO: https://www.iso.org/about-us.html