3C Engineers collaborate with clients and designers to analyze conceptual designs, refine technical aspects and develop drawings to set the groundwork for the manufacturing process. The engineering process begins with understanding our clients’ needs as well as any space or cost limitations that need to be considered. This helps us to be efficient in terms of cost and time prior to manufacturing. Our engineering strengths include value engineering, reverse engineering and industrial design. We utilize the following engineering software programs:


 Grantware (proprietary software)




 ABC cam


At 3C, an integral part of our process is to provide an internal project manager to each client. Project Managers are trained to handle anything from the smallest need to the most complex. These dedicated members of our team take on the responsibilities of balancing time and costs, and supervise performance and resources on behalf of our clients. 3C Project Managers serve as a one point of contact for all client communication. They are committed to ensuring that we exceed the expectations of our clients.