Going Green

Sustainability is about efficiencies. What better time than now to analyze current practices to understand how we may innovate and create new, more efficient design solutions and better products, with less environmental impact!

At 3C we are changing the way we design, manufacture and deliver our products to do our part to protect the environment. Company-wide, we practice the 3Rs-Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to minimize our impact on the planet.


 Plant lighting has been converted to T5 electronic technology

 All composite panels are Phase 2 Carb Compliant

 Approved EEP (Environmentally Preferable Products) Downstream Supplier

 Plant wide recycling program (metal, plastic, glass, corrugated cardboard)

 Wood waste is used as bio fuel at a local plant

 LEED Point Sheet has been created for customers

 Use of water reducible paints

 Use of water based contact adhesives

Challenge us to help!

If you have environmentally friendly suggestions that would help us minimize our impact on the environment, please contact us. We will be happy to consider alternatives.